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Thursday, May 26, 2016  

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The Wisconsin Covenant program has been discontinued. Students who have already signed the pledge are still eligible to receive benefits providing they fulfill the requirements of the program.


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Wisconsin Covenant Scholars Grant
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Throughout the state, Wisconsin Covenant students are dedicated to bettering themselves and their communities. They are taking tough classes, volunteering in their neighborhoods, and checking out colleges that will be the right fit for them. We couldn’t be prouder!


To honor this hard work, all Wisconsin Covenant students who fulfill the pledge will be eligible to receive the Wisconsin Covenant Scholars Grant (WCSG).


The WCSG will be available for up to 4 years (8 semesters) of college and can be used at any of our state’s three higher education sectors: University of Wisconsin System, Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, or the Wisconsin Technical College System. That means if a student starts their college career at a technical college and transfers to a 4-year campus, the WCSG follows them.


The grants, in conjunction with all the other state and federal financial aid, will be based on your family’s income and financial need. Your family’s estimated contribution will be established when you complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form in your student’s senior year.


To continue to receive the grant, you must fill out the FAFSA every year.





Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  What does my child have to do to receive the WCSG?


A: To receive the WCSG, your child must to two things:

1.      Meet the pledge requirements  and verify with their school in their senior year that they have done so. The verification form will be made available to students in December of their senior year. The WI Covenant Senior Confirmation Form must be mailed to HEAB on or by April 1st of their senior year. 


2.      Complete the FAFSA on or by April 1st of their senior year.



Q:   How will my child’s college know that they received the WCSG?


A: Once you have completed the FAFSA, the colleges that your child enrolled in will put together a financial aid package based on your family’s need. The WCSG will be included in this package. The Office of the Wisconsin Covenant will then work with the Wisconsin Higher Education Aids Board and the campus your child enrolls in to arrange for grant dispersal. The WI Covenant Grant is usually visible on the student's online version of their financial aid packages in late August.



Q: What happens if my child has extenuating circumstances and is unable to attend college right away? Can they still receive the WCSG?


A: The WCSG is available up to five years after graduation. This means that any student can take 1 year off between high school and college or during college if, for example, a student has a personal issue that requires attention or if a student would like to take some time off from college to work. Exceptions will be made for those students who choose to serve in the military. Other exceptions for health or family reasons MAY be made at the discretion of the Office of the Wisconsin Covenant.  


Q: My child is graduating early this year (2014). Is he/she eligible to begin receiving the WCSG for their 2015 spring semester?


A: The WCSG will be made available to 2014/15 seniors beginning the 2015 Fall semester. Although your child will not receive the WCSG for the 2015 Spring semester, it is still important to complete the senior confirmation paperwork and the FAFSA.



Q: My child did not get an opportunity to sign the pledge and is now in high school. Is it too late?


The WI Covenant Program has been discontinued in the sense that pledges are no longer being accepted. The last cohort of students to be able to sign the pledge was in September, 2011.


If you need information about Wisconsin colleges and universities, we encourage you to take a look at www.knowhow2gowisconsin.org.   This website is sponsored by the same education groups that are partners with the Wisconsin Covenant and has valuable information for students who want to prepare for higher education.



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